earlier today i was thinking about the thousands of girls who post videos on youtube reviewing makeup and talking about their fav products and making tutorials and how no girl has ever once done it just to impress men like literally that whole community exists just for girls because it’s something that so many of us enjoy and yet men still think that we wear makeup for them

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"That would get you shot in some places.

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  • Before Rooster Teeth: that's immature
  • After Rooster Teeth: anal bus boat
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Rosita Espinosa

"Maybe we always wind up stopping because we never start at 100%."

Rosita is determined and just as mission-oriented as Abraham, independent of him. She is a realist and survivalist, knowing Eugene is possibly humanity’s only chance to alter this world. She is committed to the group, but will maintain the course at any cost.

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Do you ever just want to kiss someone so bad that you just cant focus on anything but how their lips might feel moving against yours and how great it would be to hold them close and cover their face in little bitty kisses until you two are both giggling messes

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Heads up I won’t have any internet for the next few days due to moving and such!

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Hiccup and Astrid in TheDragons: Dawn of the Dragon Racers

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i have a confession….i am not as beautiful as my selfies would have you believe

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