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"So, what're your names, anyway?"



"Rampion. My parents actually named me after lettuce, haha!… I dunno."


"Jacklyn. Though everyone calls me Jack. I guess that’s a side effect of being invisible."


"My name’s Hiccup. It’s a viking thing. A… pretty bad example but it works for me."

Just a heads up! If you use my art again…well actually I’d rather you not, unless you have my permission! :)

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I love seeing pictures of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu posing together, because it always looks like JLM’s crush has agreed to be his prom date and he still can’t quite believe it

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You look awesome in that dress!! I'm short so I can never feel serious when wearing dresses, but you look amazing!!!

Thanks! And I bet you look lovely in them all! If it’s any consolation I have to buy long length jeans or else they’re more often than not above my ankles :(! The curse o’ the long legs!

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So I went dress shopping for leavers’ with my mum today and it was horrible. Yes in the end I got a beautiful dress but today was the first day since my operation that I’ve had to face my weight gain head on. I felt sick, I cried a little.

I know it’s because of the operation and that they sliced through all of my stomach muscles but I can’t help but feel like a piece of shit because I can barely exercise still.

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